Thursday, June 14, 2018

Art at the Source 2018 Week 2

Saturday, June 9, 2018
A tarpaulin of the artist welcomes visitors at the gate of Ranchito Milagro. A gong from Bali dating from the 1850s welcomes guests and is banged whenever a sale is made.
For Art at the Source 2018, the Santa Rosa Garden Club organized a garden tour of Ranchito Milagro -designed by landscape architect Gary Ratway.

Top L-the metal fountains of Ranchito Milagro  created by a Hungarian sculptor 
Bottom L-Belinda May Cortez from Oakley Ca. the proud owner of the piece "Figure Study"..
Bottom Right: The artist with the portrait of Bai Bibyaon-the warrior of the Manobo Tribe.

 Top L-Jeremy Custer and husband David. Top R-3 women who wore identical tie dyed shirts analyzing every piece on the exhibit.
Middle left, with Ms. Philippines runner up Liza Gino, owner of My Favorite Bite Artisanal Bakery.
Middle Right-Jonathan Melrod chats with Child Psychologist Ronald Haimowitz
Bottom Left-Estela Lopez, from the DOJ  and on the right artist nephew Jeremy Custer.

The event coincided with the birthday celebration of the artist's mother-opera singer Crescencia Lopez. Top L-Sisters Isabel and Estela with the diva. Clockwise Right, Healdsburg Fashion Designer Joseph Domingo. Friends from Vallejo Elaine Entrata and Chill Cauili. 
Relatives Chris and Baby Nery from Union City.
Film maker of the movie "Cebu" Virginia Traverse.
Baker/beauty queen Liza Gino with her famous guilt free chocolate cake from My Favorite Bite.

Top L-R New Collector Ronald Haimowitz, the proud owner of the mannequin mosaic art "The Bust"
Middle L -Nestor Orinion, Jennifer and Joan Orinion with the artist and Jonathan Melrod. 
Middle R-The Nerys, and the Lopezes.
Bottom L-Nestor and Joan Orinion with Crescencia Lopez and the artist. 
Bottom R-Joy Abellanosa, members of the Simply Magic Band from Sacramento, Ca. Shirley Ferrer and  Tel Lopez,  and the artists' mother.

 Top L-Solful (Sebastopol's Cannabis Dispensary staff Marlon with Melrod and the artist.
Top R-Junie Harrison from United Airlines and her Tita Nita.
Middle L-Solful dispensary owners Peter Dickstein and J.Melrod. 
Middle R-the artist with a classmate Daisy Patterson with her family. 
Bottom L-Isabel with a lawyer Peter.  

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Top L-guests from San Francisco, Ca. with Karen Guggenheim, a bagpipe musician, and actress Maximilienne Ewait. Top R-Maximilienne Ewait stars in the Netflix original "Sense 8" from the makers of Matrix. She  plays mother to the black lead actress.
Bottom R: Nita, Junie Harrison, the artist with Maximilienne Ewait and Daisy Patterson.

Top L: Rosette Lopez, niece of the artist. Calvin and Leny Strobel, professor on Ethnic Studies of Sonoma State U, and the proud owner of the painting "Bai Bibyaon" portrait of the indigenous woman warrior of the Philippines. 
Bottom Left-Rosette Lopez, the artist' niece  who was comatose for 16 days.
Bottom Right-Amy a fitness trainer/photographer from Coaches Corner ; and 
Jason Kimmey from Antioch, with the new work "Figure Study 2".

Top L; with Liza Gino, the proud owner of the 3D mosaic piece "Transformation", (Top Right)
Bottom L:Healdsburg designer Joseph Domingo, 
Bottom R: The Simply Magic Band, Tricia Macaspac, Glenda Dizon, Shirley Ferrer, Maria Macaspac and Boyet Macaspac

Top L: Steve with Eli Melrod, Joy Abellanosa, her daughter Jody and Lilibeth from Cebu.
Top R: Chris and Baby Nery and the Lopez family.
Bottom R: Elaine Entrata from Kaiser with Chill Cauili

 Top L: Chanel Sinclair from San Francisco with BF, James.
Bottom L: Glenda Dizon, the proud owner of the mosaic piece- The 2 Energies (Yin and Yang Series)
Center: the artist hits the gong when a sale is made!
Right-Glenda Dizon, with the artist. The new collector is the manager of the Sacramento based Simply Magic Band.

The artist in the gardens of Ranchito Milagro, considered as Sebastopol's best kept secret opens its doors only once a year.
Maria Isabel Lopez would like to thank guests, supporters and collectors who came and visited the Open Studio. 

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