Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Art at the Source, first weekend, June 2-3, 2018

The showroom-The Gardens of Ranchito Milagro, a 4 acre property with an 1850s farmhouse surrounded by lush forests, flowers, righ vegetation with pool, lavender fields, fountains and a labyrinth. The place is considered as Sebastopol's best kept secret.

Medusa driftwood art from Bali is the center of the reception table. Publicity from Sonoma West, Sonoma Magazine, The Press Democrat, the Bohemian etc. is on display including the book The Green Art and Rogue Magazine.

An 1850s gong from Bali welcomes the guests.

 Top Left, Gerry , the handyman helping hang the artworks caught the first guest-a King Snake! 
Top Right, the entrance. Bottom Left, the book "The Green Art" published by Chuckie Arellano is on display. Bottom Right-Sonoma County women with Alaura O'dell in black.

Top Left, the artist with  Gary and Becky Sugiyama of the Enmanji Temple.
Bottom right, new art collectors Rick and Sue Black from Tomales Bay, Ca.
 Top Left, Teresa Barrett, running for Mayor of Petaluma, Ca. Top Right, Ruth Didonna Taylor, the greatest fitness trainer of Sonoma County. Bottom Left-Karen and Cynthia Woo Pullin,  Zumba mates . Bottom Right-regular visitors of the art show are animals-dogs, racoons, etc.
 Top Left, Leny Strobel of Sonoma Statue University with Environmental Heroes Beth and Tony de Castro,  in town to speak on Mental Health and Climate Change.
Top Right, James Sobredo, who practices Tibetan Buddhism and a Professor of the California State University in Sacramento. 
Bottom Left, Delores Hayes, Ruth Didonna Taylor, me and Ned and Frances from Croatia.
Bottom Right, a nice vegan lunch with Ruth and Delores.
 Bottom Left, Ella Cacanindin from Oakley Ca. new collector with kids swimming. 
Bottom Right, art patron and significant other, of the artist Jonathan Melrod. 

The Mannequin art-Left, Mara Unica Hija. Right, The Bust.

Left, images of spiritual influences of the artist. Take note of the Buddha hand-symbol of wisdom and knowledge. Right, The Trees of Sebastopol-reminiscent of 
the recent Sonoma County Wildfire..

Top Left, Ways of the Cross 6.  Bottom, the Zen Wall.. the artist has been practicing Zen Habits.

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